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NEVER GO HERE. If it was possible to award 0 stars that’s what I would do.

Visited this salon today with my daughter, was given a price by a young man working there. The price agreed was £33 for a manicure and pedicure and we were told if we would like to upgrade to shellac, we would need to pay £10 extra. Halfway through the pedicure, my daughter asked whether they were going to fill the foot spa (which had no water in it). At this point the “owner” of the shop abruptly said there would be no water as it would be “bad for her leg”. We did not understand this peculiar reasoning and questioned it further, the owner then became very aggressive and demanded £20 for us to have water for her pedicure. We were then shouted at repeatedly by the owner, his staff so scared they couldn’t even look in his direction. My daughter became afraid and said she did not want her toes done anymore so then the man started shouting and said he didn’t want to do it anyway. We were terrified for our safety and left money for the manicure on the table (the only treatment she ended up receiving) and ran out the door.

I believe the owner was deliberately trying to intimidate us into paying more for below standard treatment.    25-10-17


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