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Shop is obviously too small for the amount of stock it needs to hold. It is very cluttered with boxes every where. For a shop where they are expecting have a large number of children coming in this shop is not child friendly at all. Hardly room to walk around and certainly not a comfortable shop. Can't go anywhere else as this is the only shop that stock the school uniform needed. This is a disgrace in this day and age. They seem to have a lot of staff around but all they seem to be doing is doing is walking fast about the shop constantly moving around boxes and stock but at the same time they are also cluttering up the shop even more. When you consider the price of secondary school uniform you would hope to get some decent customer service. For the child due to start at new school the buying of their new school uniform should be a positive experience. Well not here and as there is nowhere else will have to ensure this for the next 5 years. I might be old being the nanny of the child we were shopping for but I remember going into the Coop in Derrys X and the child being measured by one person and that person staying with you to do the fitting i.e. blazer, skirt etc., and once fitted leaving with the whole school uniform. So much easier and much more pleasant experience. Here it is dodge the box just in case you fall over it.    31-07-19